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5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Knoxville Short Sale Expert

approvedWhen you do a Knoxville short sale, you oftentimes only have one chance for success, which means you want the best realtor possible fighting in your corner. Here are 5 questions to ask when choosing a Knoxville short sale expert. What Is Your Experience With Knoxville Short Sales? Experience is key with Knoxville short sales. While it does not always guarantee success, as lenders can be fickle, it definitely helps your case to have someone with knowledge of these transactions. In addition, it can be helpful to find an agent with a specific designation like Certified Distressed Property Expert [CDPE]. An additional certification or designation means that an agent has completed specific training with short sales and avoiding foreclosure. How Many Short Sales Have You Closed And What Is Your Success Rate? This will give you a true idea of an agents short sale experience and will also give you an idea of what their success rate is short sales. Generally, you will want to see that a particular agent has closed more than just a few short sales. What Lenders Have You Worked With? While it doesn't necessarily matter if your realtor has closed a short sale with your lender, it can be helpful to see that a realtor has experience with different lenders and has a track record of success. If you agent has closed with your lender, it can be helpful as they may have contacts with your lender. How Will You Keep Me Informed Of The Status Of My Short Sale? Knoxville short sales can take time to complete, so it is important that you're kept informed throughout the process. It can be comforting to know how your realtor will keep in informed throughout the process. Will You Have The Time To Negotiate My Sale? Short sale negotiations can take time and are tedious. It can be important to know how a realtor will find the time to negotiate your shost sale or if they have a specific team member dedicated to the Knoxville short sale. Are you facing foreclosure on your Knoxville home? Please let me know if there is anyway my team and I can help you, give us a call today at 865-696-9002 or via email at [email protected]. We’ve helped countless homeowners in Knoxville avoid foreclosure on their homes. All of our services are done at absolutely no cost to you.

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