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Knoxville Short Sales – Why A Hardship Letter Need To Be Short & Honest

writingIn a Knoxville short sale, a hardship letter can be a very key ingredient in getting a short sale approved.  So, what exactly needs to be included in a hardship letter? Read on to find what key ingredients need to be included in a hardship letter, in order to help get your Knoxville short sale approved. Knoxville short sale lenders see a lot of files, which is why keeping a Knoxville hardship letter short is important. A long winded letter detailing every moment of hardship could easily cause them to get distracted andonly briefly skim the letter. A short, efficient short sale letter that gets to the point is typically better. In addition, it is very important that a short sale hardship letter is honest. An honest short sale letter will come off as sincere and real, which is much more likely to get the approval of a short sale lender. As a seller, you should have nothing to hide from your short sale lender. They already have all of your financial records and pay stubs, an honest short sale letter can help humanize your situation. Here are a few brief tips to include in your hardship letter: -Be sure to include all of the important information such as your full name, property address, and loan number. This will help make your short sale letter easily identifiable. -Be sure to include a brief explanation of what your financial situation was when you bought the Knoxville home (i.e. making more income, no kids, good health, etc.). -Provide an explanation of why your financial situation has changed and why a Knoxville short sale is necessary. Explain what changed, what you've tried to do to remedy the situation, and how a short sale is your last option. -Finally, close by thanking the lender for their consideration and urge them to consider your short sale.
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