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Knoxville Short Sale Question: How Do I Know If A Short Sale Is For Me?

imagesIn our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Benji, he asks, "I'm over 90 days late on my Knoxville mortgage. At this point, I'm not sure what options I have left to avoid foreclosure on my Knoxville home. I've thought about doing a short sale, but haven't heard good things about the process. I've heard that most get denied and that they can take a long time and foreclosure happens anyhow. How do I know if a Knoxville short sale is for me?" The prospect of facing foreclosure on your Knoxville home can be very scary. It can be difficult to decide what action to take, if any at all. You're likely having sleepless nights worrying about where you will go, what your life will be like after, and what it will mean for your future. A Knoxville short sale is not one size fits all. It will help you avoid foreclosure on your Knoxville and to some extent do less damage to your credit. This does not mean, however, that is is the right foreclosure solution for you. That depends on your situation and what is best for you. Here are a few things to ask yourself if you are thinking about completing a short sale on your Knoxville home: -Am I willing to sell my home? Or it is the last possible option? -Do I understand all of the implications that come with completing a short sale (tax implications, deficiency judgments, etc.)? [If not, consider meeting with a legal or tax professional before moving forward]? -Do I understand what a short sale is? -Where will I go after the sale is complete? -Is it the best option for me? Are you facing foreclosure on your Knoxville home? Do you want to hear your options to avoid foreclosure? If so, please do not hesitate to give my team a call at 865-696-9002 or send an email to [email protected]. We’ve helped countless Knoxville homeowners avoid foreclosure. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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