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Knoxville Short Sale Question: Short Sale Denied, Can We Try Again?

Knoxville Short Sale Question?In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Leila, she asks, “My husband and I attempted to do a short sale on our Knoxville home, but our short sale was denied. At the time, we were very scared about being foreclosed upon, and made a rash decision to use a family friend to do the short sale. Looking back on it, we regret not using someone more qualified. Even if our short sale was denied, are we able to try again to do a short sale on our Knoxville home? We want to avoid foreclosure at all costs." Knoxville short sales can be fickle transactions. When they get denied, there is often no good rhyme or reason for why they are denied. Fortunately, time permitting, you are able to try and complete a short sale again if you would like. While a solid Knoxville short sale agent cannot guarantee that your short sale will be a success this time around, they can most definitely help your case. Experienced short sale agents are know the paperwork, know how to properly price your home, and know how to negotiate and prove your case with your lender. Short sale negotiations require a lot of time and patience, which is why it is key you have experience on your side. In addition, short sales can be denied for a lot of ridiculous reasons. Incomplete paperwork and even the buyer can all be reasons why short sale get denied. Approvals can even vary from negotiator to negotiator. So, attempting to complete a short sale the second time around you really have nothing to lose. Are you facing foreclosure on your Knoxville home? Do you want to hear your options to avoid foreclosure? If so, please do not hesitate to give my team a call at 865-696-9002 or send an email to [email protected]. We’ve helped countless Knoxville homeowners avoid foreclosure. Give us a call today for a free consultation.

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