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How A Knoxville Short Sale Expert Can Make Or Break Your Short Sale

Knoxville Short SaleKnoxville short sales are not your average real estate transaction, which is why you don't want just an average real estate agent for your short sale. One of the largest decisions you will make for your Knoxville short sale is choosing a Knoxville short sale agent. Ultimately, a Knoxville short sale agent can make or break the outcome of your short sale, and here is why. Knoxville short sales are complicated transactions. Even the most experience agents may not be suited for negotiating a short sale. Just as you would want to hire a specialist for open heart surgery, you want to hire a specialist for your short sale. Just because an agent has a designation such as, Certified Distressed Property Expert [CDPE], doesn't necessarily mean they he is an expert. Be sure to delve a bit further with the agent. How many short sales have the closed? What sets him apart from other agent? Don't be afraid to ask the agent tough questions. Short sales are tricky and you want the best person for the job in your corner. Another thing that can set a short sale agent apart is past experience with a particular lender or short sale program. If an agent has worked with a certain lender or short sale program, they've successfully been through the process and know the ropes. They may even have contacts with the lender that can make the short sale process easier. Finally, an experienced agent will be able to navigate through any problems that occur throughout the short sale process. Is the lender wanting a higher price that is way too high? Did the Broker Price Opinion [BPO] come in all wrong? Does the agent know how to write a solid short sale contract? These are all things that can set a Knoxville short sale expert apart from the rest. Are you behind on your Knoxville mortgage payments? Do you want to explore your options to avoid foreclosure? My team and I have helped countless homeowners explore their options to avoid foreclosure. Give me a call today at 865-696-9002 or via email at [email protected]. All of our services are done at absolutely no cost to you.

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